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Extra Photos INDEX 2012

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Cladonia Lichen on Alder tree. If you look closely, you can see some tiny snails as well [BACK]


Great Horsetail. This is the Fertile stem, which appears in Spring. [BACK]


A solitary Ringed Plover, which visited Fahy shoreline this summer. [BACK]


Gelological Survey plane which spent many weeks over Lough Allen this summer. [BACK]


Small fungus, Dermocybe sp. among Shoreweed on Long Island [BACK]


Hard Fern unfurling in Spring[BACK]


Hoverfly feeding on Dog Rose [BACK]


Our trusty Survey boat. [BACK]


Common Newt. We often find these in damp vegetation some distance away from water.[BACK]


The delicate Wood Avens [BACK]

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