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Extra Photos INDEX 2012

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Small beetle feeding on Creeping Thistle flower. [BACK]


Two species of Clover; Red and White. [BACK]


A clear day at Annagh lake. [BACK]


Black-headed Gull colony on The Spit, near Cormongan. [BACK]

Tiny Micro-moths on a Sycamore leaf. [BACK]


Red Bartsia, a hemi-parasitic plant related to Louseworts and Eyebright. Spencer Harbour.  [BACK]


A young Raven not far from his nest, Church Island. [BACK]


Hunting Spider almost camouflaged on Marsh Lousewort plant [BACK]


Greater Butterfly Orchid.  [BACK]


A spectacular flowering spike of the Common Spotted Orchid. [BACK]

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