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Extra Photos INDEX 2012

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One of Lough Allenís special species, the stunning Blue-eyed grass. Itís only found in one area around Lough Allen. [BACK]


The tiny Bog Pimpernel, well worth looking out for! [BACK]


St. Johns Wort.  [BACK]


Elder flowers in early Summer. [BACK]


Sedge Warbler. [BACK]


Ripe seed head of Timothy Grass. [BACK]


Bud, flower and seeds of Blue-eyes Grass. [BACK]


Ringlet Butterfly, one of the most common butterflies in the meadows around Lough Allen. [BACK]


Tufted Vetch. [BACK]


Darwinís Barberry, a native of Chile and Argentina, at Inishfail Island  [BACK]

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